The Pits: A Story

Today was miserable, up to a point. First, I had to leave at 6:35 on Saturday, then connect in Los Angeles for a four hour flight that felt like seven. Then the person who was sitting a chair away from wouldn’t stop moving and kept waking me up. So by the time I got to the airport I was tired and moody. I’m glad that I had six hours and forty-five minutes to “rest”. 

The University

Once I got on the shuttle and arrived at George Mason University, I was feeling more awake and excited. I checked in and started unpacking until the campus tour. 

Reaction to campus

I fell in love with campus. I would even go here if I could afford it. That’s what scholarships are for. I would love to study science here. The class sizes are twenty to thirty kids in each class. Forensics would be a blast, if they do that. 

The Afterwards

After the tour, I took a shower and got ready for dinner. We had a team meeting and played a name game to help learn everyone’s name. After that we went to the Johnson Center and had dinner. The room was huge, each team having three tables. After we finished, our first speaker this week took to the stage. 

David Culver

He’s the anchor for channel 4 news here in DC. He talked about how being a journalist, at the core, is being a great storyteller. He also talked about his own personal adventure where he took his grandma and mom back to Cuba after they fled in the sixties. It was really emotionally moving and I found it to be really interesting. 

Not Over Yet

After his speech, we all separated into the different color groups and had a meeting. We went over what we were doing for Monday and did a fun getting to know you game. We then talked about our futures and were told how to create elevator pitches. This was the hardest part for me, as all the others had some journalism thing they were doing while all I’ve done is band, which I love. After we finished that, we headed back to the dorms. I quickly fell asleep. 

Fun Fact: Ny favorite ship from Star Wars is the Millenium Falcon. 


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