The Museums and Tours

On Monday, I went to the Newsium and the National Press Club. 


These are two examples of the Berlin Wall on the Western side. 

This is the Eastern side. The Western side shows how they could express their opinions and views without the worry of retaliation from the government. 

The 9/11 exhibit was also really moving. 

This is all that’s left from a photographer who was at the scene for 9/11. He saw the plane crashing into the building and started taking pictures and running towards it. He didn’t stop until he was buried under the debris from the North Tower. The man’s friend helped recover his belongings and pictures so people could see these moving pictures. 

The National Press Club

Politica Panel 

For the panel, there were three different reporters. One was a journalist from Capital Hill, and the others were regular journalists in the sense that they followed the story anywhere. They were really opinionated and said what they felt. The lady felt that storytelling is a big factor to the overall power and connectivity of journalism. They also talked about how it was important to utilize social media to reach readers. 

Terry Anderson

He has a real passion for journalism. He loves it. He was adoring corespondent for many Middle East wars and was captured and jailed for seven years. He believes the journalism is more than storytelling, it’s about finding the truth and telling the world what you’ve found. He said even if he had the chance, he would have avoided capture, but would never shy away from journalism. 


National Geofraphic HQ

Susan Goldberg showed us a presentation about how they create their type of journalism. They understand their audience, do things others can’t, and be diligent and keep asking questions or snapping pictures. We also saw a little video on Photo Ark, a multi year project where the founding photographer takes portraits of animals with a white or black backdrop. He’s done so many, it’s really amazing. After that we went to lunch at an Italian place. The fettuccini was amazing! 

C-Span and BitFury

Brian Lamb did something really different. Instead of talking about his experiences with C-Span, he engaged us and asked our opinions and engages with us. A lot of the teens at the conference support Burney Sanders. Some supported Hilary Clinton. Barely anyone supported Donald Trump. I really didn’t like talking about it, even in a group setting. I was glad when we moved on to favorite journalists and why we liked them. I liked how he didn’t do a speech but had the audience participate and interact. 

Then we heard from Jamie Smith, who works with the BitFury group. I think it’s a news organization. She talked about how she tried different jobs until she found she was great at communicating complicated things to someone who can only understand it in the simplest terms. She was actually called in to help break the story of the shooting of Bin Ladin. She was really inspiring her she never gave up on finding the right job. 

Monumental Monuements

After a burger dinner we move on. Our first stop is the White House. 

After that we went past the National Treasury. 

After we got off the bus, we walk through the World War II Memorial. 

Then I took pictures of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The sun was starting to go down and it creates the most pretty shots. 

This last one’s for you, Dad. 

(Play Rocky Theme here). 

Fun Facts: My favorite scene from the original trilogy is Han and Leia’s kiss on the Millenium Falcon. My favorite scene from the prequels is the lightsaber battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Gin, and Darth Maul. 

Bonus Fact: Darth Maul is my favorite Star Wars Villian.   


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